6 Phases on the Path to Happiness and Fulfillment

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All I’ve ever wanted for my life is to be happy. My definition of happiness always included being fulfilled and free. I thought if I was free to do what I wanted with my life, I would become fulfilled and then happy.

The problem was, the chase for freedom was like walking around in a circle. Just when I felt I was getting somewhere, I was right back where I started.

The frustrations left me in periods where I couldn’t think or do anything. I was walking through a dense fog and wasn’t able to progress or move forward in the direction I wanted to go.

I tried so many different ways of how I could free myself from the prison I was in. The prison of being in a system I didn’t belong. A prison for my mind and thoughts, which held me back from reaching the happiness I longed for.

After a ton of research, reading, and connecting with others who were struggling with the same feelings as me, I came up with a strategy to help keep me focused, motivated, and moving forward on my journey to becoming fulfilled, happy, and free.

The Philosophy

If you want to become or at least keep moving towards happiness and fulfillment, it will take a strong will to do so. Reaching a form of happiness for some may be as simple as finding something they like to do, make a good living at it, and be with people they love.

For others such as myself, we need something more transcendent than that. We need to find something more in our lives. We need to find a purpose. A reason for doing what we do. We have to keep pushing ourselves towards something greater.

Some take the road that leads to greed, selfishness, status quo, and ultimately greater misery. Others take the road towards self-improvement, growth, and contribution.

The philosophy for finding true happiness and fulfillment is simple;

  • Always strive to improve yourself and the lives of others

  • Be more transcendent and transformational in what you do

  • Persevere through all obstacles that stand in your way

The Draw

The draw is the hand you’re dealt. Some folks might draw a good hand, others the short stick. What you draw is the hand you play. Only with this hand, you get more choices, meaning you just keep drawing cards until you get those pocket aces.

That just means you don’t have to be defined by your circumstances. You are in ultimate control of them even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Whether you’re circumstances make it more difficult for you to move forward, (low income, less time) or they are more ideal, (have money to outsource, more free time) it makes no difference. Your draw is your draw. We can wish we had pulled a better hand or we can move forward with what we got and create a new hand.

The Hustle

Deciding to hit “ACTION” is the start of the hustle. The hustle is to start your journey forward with full intent and commitment. When you sort out how you want to play your cards and start making moves, you are in the hustle.

The hustle is the effort you put forth on your journey towards acquiring that fulfillment you’re searching for. It’s the actions you take to progress on your path and figure out how to play the game.

The Grind

Ahhh! The GRIND!!!

The Grind is about showing up everyday, continually pushing forward, enduring, and persevering.

When you’re on a journey to reach something, you are going to have to make it through the grind. The part of the journey where most fall is during the grind. It’s because most people can’t stick with it and that’s ultimately what the Grind is about.

It’s about pushing through all the obstacles and then pushing some more. If you can keep grinding away, even when the others slowly start to dissipate, you will be rewarded. The Grind pays back what it takes away to those who persevere. Take warning though, the Grind shows no mercy.

The End Game

The final act before the finale. The end game is where everything either comes together or falls completely apart.

Imagine this: You’ve been slowly making  your way towards the vision of fulfillment, happiness, clarity, abundance, etc., you’ve been seeking for what seems like a lifetime. You’ve experienced the worst of times with all of the trials and tribulations, you’ve passed on your journey.

Throughout all of the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve shed so far, you would think you’ve earned it! You would feel that the effort you have given, time and time again was finally going to set you free.

The Finale

Here it is. The journey you’ve been on has been long, painful, joyful, and enduring. Full of setbacks, in between’s, fall backs, burst’s of progress, and more. What comes next?

The next move is up to you. There is no end. The finale plays on for an eternity. The finale is more like a choice. You can choose to keep moving forward, get back in touch with the status quo, or give it all up.

All in all, the journey to where you’re at now is only a skip, hop, and a jump away from where you want to be. The path to happiness and fulfillment has never been an easy one. With time, persistence, desire, and effort you can find, the greatest fulfillment of all is in how the journey has changed you and helped you become the person you were meant to be.


photo credit: Chaval Brasil via Compfight


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    You should read Finite and Infinite Games if you haven’t already. I think you’d really enjoy it! I’m still mulling over the ideas communicated in the book, and growing through them.

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