Hi. My name’s Justin and this is where I share all of my thoughts, insights, tips, and strategies on the journey to live with purpose and awareness so you can achieve the change you seek, the freedom you long for, and the ability to do something meaningful in the world and in your life.

justin harmon
In other words, I talk about waking up, escaping the status quo, living the life you want to live, being awesome, being the person you want to be, non-conformity, questioning authority, creating your own version of the dream life, and getting rid of all the junk that’s inside your head.


 what if you realized that “God,” was not an omnipotent being sitting atop a “mount olympus” playing dominoes with his pawns? What if you came to realization that “God” is within you. What if you realized that all you are is what God intended you to be, and the only thing you had to do to fulfill your destiny was to live your life in His image. -Unknown

This page should give you a better idea of what I’m about and what I do.

A Quick Bio:

Justin inspires, empowers, and coaches people on how to create more freedom and abundance in their lives. He collaborates and works with those on a journey to live their dreams, follow their purpose, and change the world.

Justin is the author of the book Change your Perception, Change your Life which also features other well known a-listers on their experiences and lessons learned on their journey. He lives with his wife and daughter in the woods of Wisconsin, where he is continually learning, growing, evolving, and doing what he can to change the status quo, help people realize their full potential, and make the world a better place.

When he’s not deep into his own inner existence and self growth, Justin enjoys playing sports, watching football and baseball, and being out in nature.


How this site can make your life better


It’s the journey to self-mastery. It’s the path to Freedom in the New Economy. It’s the Road to make a difference, live with passion, and change the world. Your world, my world, our world.

It’s about reaching your full human potential.

It’s finding the courage to become the person you’ve always wanted to be and live with purpose, intent, presence, meaning, focus, & clarity.

It’s creating a life of where you are truly fulfilled and free. A life where anything is possible because you are awake, present, and in the zone.

It’s opening the door to a world where there are no limits to what you can’t achieve as long as you want it bad enough.


This site may be of value to you if;

You want to unleash your full human potential.

You have a strong inner desire to follow your dreams and do something meaningful and purposeful in the world.

You want help figuring out what you should do with your life.

You seek to live more consciously and with a higher awareness.

You believe in zombies, monsters, super heroes, jedi knights, and all other creations of imagination.


I started this website for a few reasons.


1. I love to write

2. I wanted to help people escape their inner prison and reach their full human potential

3. I wanted to turn it into a financial freeing business platform

4. Because it was a way for me to follow my dream of making some kind of difference in the world


Dream Design


A couple of years ago, I came up with the idea for the Dream Design Roadmap. Below is the Roadmap (Lite) that will give you a sense of what the steps are on the Dream Design Journey.




  1. Gerod says

    Hey Justin,

    I really enjoyed your podcast on EntrepreneuronFire. It was very inspiring. It also gave me some ideas. Thanks.


  2. bonjolan says

    I’ve been doing what you’ve written for 3 years now. Reading this reaffirmed to me that others are doing the same! This is the way to live!!

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