Follow the White Rabbit

How I started  to follow the White Rabbit:

1. Déjà vu

following the White Rabbit
Have you ever been in a situation, where at one moment of another, you experienced a form of déjà vu?

I have. This is the story of my journey through the rabbit hole and into the land of make believe. It’s a tale (sometimes tall) but always stressing a significant amount of truth and meaning.

I’ve always felt I was on some sort of path. I never knew quite what it was, other than for some reason or another; I’d experience strange patterns of familiarity with certain situations and events. I always called them “déjà vu.”

Not all of the time, (but often) I would remember a dream I had about the situation I was currently in at the time. When a situation came upon me, I would know right away and remember the dream I had about it. It might have been a week or several months between a dream I had and the reality that was placed in front of me, while awake.

2. Epiphany

Have you ever had a moment in your life, when out of nowhere, you gain clarity to an answer—you’re not even sure you were looking for?

That’s what happened to me a little over 3 years ago.

I was doing what I’d normally be doing in a given day, I was taking a shower. Life was at that time very routine.
I remember at the time, I was thinking about and looking stuff up on spirituality, metaphysical type stuff, among other meaning of life types of material.

Anyway, I was in the shower like I said. I was letting my head take the full pressure of water. It felt relaxing and was even giving me a tingling sensation on my freshly shaved scalp. I was just standing there with my eyes closed and then out of nowhere, (talking way out of left field) I had an epiphany.

It wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced before. I felt a surge of warmth and calmness radiating through my entire body immediately after the moment I felt it. It was a complete satisfaction and with clarity, I knew (at least for me) that it was the answer I had been unwittingly looking for.

It was a feeling of complete awareness of the essence of life. It was a feeling I had felt before. A feeling of consciously understanding something, which is of vital significance and necessary to helping humanity rise to the next level of existence.

Ready for it? Here it is. Everything is connected to everything. Everything is energy.

Now, you need to understand the level of significance this meant for me at the time. I am someone who questions and analyzes everything. At that moment, as I said, I was completely immersed in complete joy and satisfaction for what I had experienced and what I felt.

Having said that, I then immediately went to Google to confirm my revelation. <–ridiculous, isn’t it.
I couldn’t just take my higher consciousness’s word for it, no. I had to Google it.


Well doesn’t Google connect us to everything? If I can connect to everything through Google and everything is already connected to everything else, I should definitely be able to find out if all of this connection stuff makes sense.

The truth is, of course everything is connected.

Seriously. I looked it up and it turns out, scientists have discovered that everything is indeed connected to everything else.

Of course, I cannot confirm the 100% truth to this, based on amount of research I did, but I believe it. It’s something words just can’t explain. When you know, you just know.

Either way, this epiphany allowed the real me to slowly start to come out and to open my eyes to the underlying truths, in our reality.

3. Suffering & Sorrow

This was when I started searching for the “white rabbit.”

I had no idea what I was looking for. All I knew, was there was a reason I had suddenly become awake to something higher than myself. Something had to be done. I did a lot of research, but came up with very little results.

I searched and searched, but this white rabbit was crafty. I would feel a sense of knowing, followed by a dozen locked doors. I was lost in my own world, trying to escape from the despair—my journey had led me through.

Lost, confused, and fearful I would never find my purpose.

This was a time in my life, when routine, suffering, and negativity flowed abundantly through my veins.

I had created that world. A world where suffering and sorrow ruled over desire and fulfillment. I had created a life shut off from those closest to me. My search for clarity cost me more than I could ever know at the time.

Fortunately, I would discover something at the precise moment I was ready for it to come into my reality. After almost 8 months of failing to meet any form of satisfaction in my life and in my inner being, I found what I was looking for.

4. Discovering the Truth

It was at the moment in my life, when I discovered a greater truth inside myself, that I understood my purpose and what I needed to do.

What about you? Have you ever felt like you were, “following the white rabbit.” I’d love to hear your thoughts. (Good ones ;) )

Love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comments :)