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My 500 Words: A 31 Day Challenge to just Write (Day One)

My 500 words is a new series for at least the next 31 days where I just spill it out, to establish a better habit of writing each and every day. I’ve always been bad about getting into the writing habit and so when my friend Jeff Goins decided to call me out on it, well, me and hundreds of other people, I bit.

The challenge starts today and I’m already getting multiple ideas on how to really use this to becoming more productive on the content producing end. I love to write, but it’s also really hard work. That’s why I’m hoping this will work. I should also say that I’m really not into the whole New Year’s resolution thing. The notion is a good one, but thinking it and doing it just because of a year change, feels like a disaster waiting to happen. There’s more reason to try and make a commitment, sure, but unless it’s going to be something you really believe in, it’s odds are very low of panning out.

However, my 500 words is something I should have been doing long ago, and I know it. So, resolution or not, I have to give it a shot. Tis’ the year to go for it full steam ahead. Writing 500 words a day challenge is a good way to build some momentum leading up to developing a habit. Unfortunately, the last couple challenges I became a part of, I ended up not following through, because of various reasons. Mostly just excuses, but what can I say, last year was rough.

I have a lot to be proud of for the grind of last year and the immediate results it will show in the next couple months. but is was a definite struggle on the back end or I should say home end. I was working a full time job, finishing my last year of college, trying to build my brand, working to make connections and become noticed in my field, all while having the quality time to spend with my family.

What came of it though is really something I’m proud of, but at the same time, I have much bigger plans. I wrote a book with some amazing people who are doing some great things in the world. The book is called Change your Perception, Change your Life and is about to make my a published author, which is something I wanted to do when I first came across writing as a child. I also successfully funded an Indiegogo Campaign to help with the book. More recently, as the book publication date approaches, I have set up two interviews on Internet radio shows or podcasts, to help spread the message of the book. Just yesterday I did the interview for Entrepreneur on Fire, which is a top ranked podcast. In a few weeks, I’m doing an interview with Sibyl Chavis from The Possibility of Today and I have been invited to share the release with the audiences of quite a few of my contributors. I couldn’t be more pleased with the beginning of 2014 and the possibilities that await in the coming year.


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    I keep a diary and I write in it 95% of the days but 500 words seems a lot. What do you write about? Just anything?

    You have inspired me to write a little bit more in my diary though.

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      I write about anything that comes to mind really. At least at first. Just to get going and get in the habit of writing. I have been so bad at putting words on the screen that I needed to form a habit of just doing it. I started on the 1st and the past couple days what I wrote made no sense at all, but I still managed to get 500 words out. I figure once I develop the habit of just sitting down and doing it, I will get better and start getting some quality writing out that I can use for my blog. 500 really isn’t a lot once you start doing it, I really want to get to 1000 a day and start putting out some quality content. Glad I could inspire you a little bit though :)


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