Why Connection Makes Impossible, Possible

You know something? I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about simplicity and minimalism lately.

I’m not sure if it’s the articles I read or if it’s just growing so rapidly I can’t help but notice.

I love that the movement has become so popular and that people are truly using the ideas to bring happiness into their lives.

You see, every once in awhile a movement starts. A idea or a theory for something better. A better way to do something, a new way to view the world, to make a change, to help others, to help ourselves. I think it’s great. Especially when the idea involves helping others or more importantly, just being able to connect with others.

That’s ultimately what makes the world a better place. It’s the connection with others of similar beliefs and values that makes a good idea become great. The more people connected to an idea, the more powerful it becomes.

I didn’t always believe that. I used to think that I could do anything and do it on my own. I thought life was mine for the taking and that what was holding me back were the people around me. Of course, I believed that I could still persevere, it was just going to be more difficult. I can’t tell you how naive and wrong I was back then.

It’s the Connection that Binds us

I don’t know how many times I have said this, but it’s the connection with others that can make anything possible. Just like when millions of people come together for a certain cause or idea, the connection, the beliefs and values that they share are what makes them so powerful. When we connect with those around us we become better.

When we connect with more, we become part of a community. When a community connects with other community’s, the strength of human connection becomes more significant. Changes, great changes are done by the connections of millions of people focusing around a certain belief, value, or idea.

There is nothing that can’t be done with the power of human connection. Period.

Reasons for Connecting

It isn’t necessarily the reasons why we connect with others to achieve something, it’s the result of what doing so will bring. Just like anything in life, the power of human connection can be used for the greater good or the continued evil that represents itself in the world.

The most powerful form of connection should be one that brings us together to bring about greater change in the world. The connections that are formed on the idea of bringing positive change in the world are the ones that last. Not only that, but they are the ones that bring the most fulfillment to the people involved.

When you’re working toward something that benefits everyone, you are ultimately benefiting yourself. This brings fulfillment and joy into your life, the lives of others, and the world around you.

Making the Impossible, Possible

Knowing that human connection is one of the keys to unlimited possibilities is only as good as how you use it. Connection can come in many forms, so it isn’t just making them that’s useful. You need to learn how to use the connections for the benefit of what your aiming for. Whether it’s coming together with others in your environment for a cause or making the connections you need for overcoming obstacles on your path, there is a common recipe for establishing those connections.

  • Reach Out

You can’t make connections if no one knows who you are. Reach out to the people in your environment. Offer them help, be supportive of what they are doing, and become an active member of their community. I always email the people who I mention on my blog. I am not pushy or looking for favors. I give them a thanks for what they are doing and sometimes ask a brief question. If you show them support, more than likely they will show you support as well.

  • ┬áKeep it Simple

We get so caught up with who we are and what others think of us, we don’t realize how complicated we sometimes make things in life. I don’t know how long I waited to approach the people in my community, for fear of rejection, being ignored, or not being good enough. That’s just ridiculous when you truly think of it. Make things simple. Your a person, they’re a person. We’re all just people trying to make it in the world.

Don’t get caught up in the celebrity hoopla. Just keep it simple. It’s just life.

  • By Yourself

To be yourself is all that you can do-Audioslave. Be authentic. Be genuine in what you do. When making connections with others, don’t be the guy/girl that comes off as someone your not. Being genuine also means being consistent in the way you act. This also goes back to thinking what others will think. Be yourself and don’t worry about it.

  • Be Persistent, but not Pushy

So you’ve done everything you know how. You have reached out to someone you want to make a connection with. You commented on their blog, re-tweeted, facebook liked, and sent them an email showing your support. You decide to reach out to either offer help or get advice, or maybe you wish to be a guest author on their blog. You get no response. What do you do?

Listen. Not everyone will respond to you. Depending on who you are trying to connect with, they may get hundreds of emails a day. There is no way to keep up with that. If you have done enough to become noticed, you may get a response or you might not. Don’t give up and move onto someone else just yet. Give them a week and try again. Give them another week then try again. If you don’t hear anything back after the third email, you need to either rethink your strategy or who you are trying to make connections with.

*A little advice. Start making connections with up and comers first. It’s harder to connect with A-listers who have thousands of subscribers if you are still a nobody. Good news is that they were also nobody’s. It takes time, effort, and persistence. Just don’t be pushy or come off selfish.

  • Be Confident

Let your confidence show. You don’t want to be cocky, but you also don’t want to show a lack of self-esteem. So don’t beg, and don’t expect something to happen. Just be confident in your abilities and show it in an authentic way. Simple, right?

Keep on Keepin’ On

Joe dirt kept going, no matter what life threw at him. You should do the same. Progress doesn’t happen if you’re not moving forward. Life is always moving us forward. It’s the pace you choose to go that will be the difference in your life. Be inspired to make a difference and use the connections with others to get there. All you can do is give it your all. So go get it and make some friends while you’re at it.




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